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I had so mcuh fun with this game! It was creative and funny and just overall amazing! I made a small gameplay video for it which I'll link below but I highly recommend everyone try out this game for themselves! 

aww. Thank you so much for the kind response and video :3

Such a cute and funny little game! I wish it was longer. 😔


aww. Thank you so much! The writer and I are planning to join another jam for August. Stay tooner for that 😊

That's awesome, I'll definitely be on the lookout for that!


Hey, i made a video on this, i liked it. it has good humour but I suck at it.


OMG! WOW, thanks so much dude!

hey, no problem i enjoyed it :D

I need help to get all endings, I got scammed twice but always fail otherwise.


how to start game? i have only contents

I think a Mac version accidentally overrode the PC version. Hopefully be straightened out.


We updated the file. It should be working now!

working, thanks

IS there a guide to the endings?

how do i play this game? cant find an executable file

We updated the file. It should be working now!

Thank you for the support! Great game!

Art style is hella cute. My only complaint is it's hard to tell what is and isn't clickable. Otherwise a great game.

Thank you for the input! We wanted to include a hover state for clickable items, but ran out of time.

The PC version should have a cursor now to better indicate!